Bug Alert

In poly tunnels

Watch out for vine weevil grubs that have gone through the winter.

Photo's taken in late March; within a week or two these would be adults laying eggs. They are usually 'C' shaped in the compost. The adult is shown on the right to the same scale.


picture by Donald Hope

Picture by Donald Hope

Picture of adult vine weevil courtesy of                            

Biowise, Biological Pest Control     (see links page)



Over winter Vine Weevil damage in a strawberry patch.

A warm winter has resulted in 2/3 of the plants being killed

(This is in a poly tunnel in a peaty soil)


Check plants in pots of peaty compost, especially (but not exclusively) Primula & Cyclamen

Each 'junior' you kill would have 'hatched' into a beetle which could have laid 1000 eggs by the autumn. Just think of the damage and worse, if a quarter of those survive, those 250 could each lay 1000 eggs! so you could have ................   

  Act now!


New Zealand Flat Worms

Don't touch them  They may give you a serious rash These eat earth worms and therefore reduce the fertility of the soil. They coil up and reduce themselves to (about 50 mm), 1/10th of their length and only move when they are warm. They are sort of triangular with a different coloured edge. Not easily squashed better killed with boiling water or fire.



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